In these ever-changing times, we hope to start exchanges and partnerships in wide ranging areas which enables the “London China UK Cultural Centre (LCUCC)” to be a medium for friendship and a bridge for communication and co-operation. The main scope of business of LCUCC includes:

Foreign Arts Groups

The co-ordination of performances and exhibition by overseas arts groups in Jiangsu.

International Conferences

The co-ordination of International recruitment, conferences and academic exchanges between schools and colleges as well as the expedition visit in different countries.

Overseas Performance

Organization for the performances and demonstration abroad by various cultural and arts groups.

Media outreach

Hosting various official and unofficial events related to cultural and arts exchanges, organizing public relation and promotion activities for large-scale events on various media in both China and UK.

Art exchange

Establishing and maintaining contact, introducing and promoting exchanges and co-operation between China and other countries.

Negotiation assistance

Assisting in the process of negotiations, visits and signing of contracts between China and other countries.